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I just want to say thank you for an amazing product. After almost 6 weeks of my daughter taking your 1:1 Proof tincture, she is almost 4 weeks COMPLETELY seizure free, so far. After watching her have Grand Mal seizures and the meds doing nothing, except causing breakthrough seizures, and doctors doubling her meds. She has a Grand Mal seizure about 1 per month and she has Absence seizures so many times a day. We have not seen her “space out” (the Absence seizures) at all in almost 4 weeks!! She uses your tincture about 3 times they put the day. She started having seizures that we know of about 3 years ago when she had her first grand mal. And we found out she was having Absence seizures, which we realized she had been having for awhile and we thought she was being a teenager and not paying attention.
So thank you thank you thank you for creating this amazing medicine.


“I used their 20:1 and 1:1 to come off of all my medications and I’m able to function daily, pain free now. Proof products changed my whole body vibration and I’ve been able to numb my pain, ease my discomforts, wipe out my anxiety and repair my connections with myself, my mind and others!”


“As someone who has chronic pain and inflammation and have tried dozens of otc and prescriptions and I finally have found Proof and there amazing products that reliefs my pain and inflammation. Not to mention it has helped my quality of sleep and I have even noticed improvement in my mood as well. 
So very happy to have found this miracle in a bottle.”


“I use cannabis everyday. And as someone with asthma and fairly weak lungs I just can’t be smoking that much. I am also vegan and finding edibles that are vegan can be tough. I use the 1:1 tincture almost everyday. Im kind of a lightweight when it comes to ingesting thc, but with a full dropper containing about 10mg of thc, I get to control how much I take and it’s perfect. I feel like the equal parts thc to cbd compliment each other perfectly and if I want more cbd I just take some extra 20:1 tincture on the side ;) The flavor is very subtle so it’s easy to just put under my tongue, or in my beverages. I love it!!!”


“I am so incredibly happy I have found the 20:1 CBD rich tincture to use for my depression and anxiety. I love that I can use this tincture at the beginning of my day to help calm my nerves during work and other social commitments and also at the end of my day to help me sleep. Additionally it helps me with every day body pains acquired from working in the service industry. It's a very versatile little dream jar!”


“I am elated with my purchase of 20:1! I have been dealing with fibromyalgia for 15+ years and have taken everything between aspirin to methadone for pain management. I started using CBD when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018 and stopped after I finished radiation. I noticed during this time the spasms and cramping in my legs decreased and movement was easier for first time in years. Unfortunately, I had to give up CBD due to financial reasons. On a recent trip to the dispensary I found your product and decided to try your 20:1 blend and within 7 days all the spasms were gone! Better yet was the price. I'm off the couch now just in time for summer. In addition, it's helping me with long standing depression and anxiety. Thank you very much!”

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